We're organised, empathetic and professional

You, your family, and your mob matter.  We're all about helping you when, where and how you need it. We ensure an inclusive approach to support. Our team uses their experience and skills to deliver a range of quality services.


Lander Support offers one on one support to individuals with disabilities. Whether you require assistance in your home, work, school or social life, we can be there for you. We pride ourselves on custom, client-focused service, and we promise to do all that we can to cater to your needs. 

Do you need assistance with any of the following?


Lander Support offers respite care to individuals with disability and their carer/s. Whether you and your carer require a short term break, or an extended time apart, respite care ensures you both receive time to be independent of one another. 

In addition to short or long term options, respite care can be made available in both planned and emergency situations. If your carer has an event, holiday or is unable to care for you during an extended period, we can help. If an unplanned hospital trip or family emergency arise, we can help. 


Lander Support offers community support to assist you in being more active and social. Community engagement boosts self-esteem, enhances relationships and improves general well-being. 

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Lander Support offers social support. Similar to community support, social support is about building relationships and increasing well-being. Whether you need a companion to live with, a partner for shopping or daily exercise, or a comrade to share and talk with, Lander Support can help guide you.